Time Machine – Vedere e sperimentare il Tempo

Place:Governor's palace


Tuesday and Wednesday from 3pm to 7pm; from Thursday to Sunday and festivities from 10am to 7pm. Oepn also Easter, Easter Monday, April 25 an May 1, from 10am to 7pm (last entrance at 6pm).
Closed on Monday.


Full price € 8,00; concessions € 5,00 (under 14, over 65, groups minimum 10) 


A consideration on how media have modified our perception of time and space, our way of looking, feeling and interacting with the world around us. Time Machine is about the way cinema and other media based on moving images as videos and videoinstallations, hve modified our perception of time along the years.

Cinema, videos and videoinstallations are interpreted as “time machines” according to their different meanings: as media able to record, store and reproduce visual and audiovisual events that take place over time; as media that make possible different ways of time travelling (with a reference to the science fiction tale The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells 1895, the same year of the first public showing of Cinématographe by Lumière brothers); then, as technical media operating in the different forms of temporal manipulation, through tecniques as acceleeration and rallenty, inversion and loop, time-lapse and ultra-rapid cinematography, flash-back and flash-forward and the infinite variations of editing. The exhibition is divided in differnt sections dedicated to each form of time stram alteration, Time Machine takes visitors into a fascinatinf journey in time.