The change – A journey into nature through images. Pictures by Michele Mendi

Place:Piazza Garibaldi


from October 17 to December 31, 2020
all day


free entrance


“The change” is a short but intense journey through pictures, with photos by Michele Mendi presenting some of the most amazing birds species of our territory, from the city to the tops of the Apennine mountains, with a narration that is naturalistic but at the same time relational, social, cultural, historical.

It’s a photo exhibition about birds framed into the concept of “change”: climatic changes, changes of the natural heritage, changes often negative that determine serious environmental crisis that need a totally different type of change: our way of treating nature, respecting it and preserving it for the future generations.

Changes. Often forced by unnatural events  determined by the unbearable pression of certain human actions. Changes that call for other changes, as the ones we have to implement to transform our actions in an ecological sense and set up a new way of humanity that will establish at last an harmonic and respectful relation with nature. This is the aim of Lipu’s project and of all the environmental world, engaged for a long time in a long and difficult process of ecological conversion of our societies.