Richiami Parma 2020. Art instead of advertising invades Parma



from 15 to 30 september, 24/7.





An artistic work projected and created by the Fabrizio Da Prato. It consists in 14 graphic-painting works (each with dimensions 140X200 cm) made in studio in the months ebfore the exhibition and placed in spaces usually dedicated to bill-posting, regularly purchased for 15 days. 

These ephemeral works of art, spread along Viale Toschi among the advertising billboards, will replace some advertising posters as a gift to thousands of viewers that will watch them changing due to unpredictable external causes as time passing, weather, usury… The inspiration for this art came from the feelings suggested by the territory, the history, the tradition, the roots and culture of Parma.

Protagonists of these works are native breeds, ancient vaegetables and fruit varieties, proverbs, dialects, saying that will bring into the city center a world out of town, industrious but precarious, made of small local realities that the artist considers precious for their capacity to save ancient knowledge from oblivion.