Prints. Us and the plants

Place:Palazzo del Governatore

Hours: from January 13 to April 1, 2024: from Wednesday to Sunday and festivities from 10am to 7pm

Prices: Free entrance


A one-of-a-kind exhibition that traces the inexhaustible relationship that binds humanity and nature, botany and images, science and art in over 200 figurative objects (historical herbariums, botanical illustrations, nature prints and xylotheques, but also modern photographs and high-tech images).
The provenance of the materials is rich and varied, which in addition to local lenders has involved foreign structures (Real Jardin Botanico in Madrid) and first-rate structures in Italy (Botanical Gardens of Padua, Bologna, Pavia, Central Italian Herbarium in Florence, among others).

At the center of the exhibition, however, there is the scientific depiction of plants and its transformation of style, perception, and objectives: a path that uses the lever of beauty to show how much our way of looking at plants has changed over the centuries and, with it, our opinion on them.

Open from January 13 to April 1, 2024. Free entrance.

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