Felice Casorati in mostra


Hours: La mostra è aperta dal 18 marzo al 2 luglio, 2023: dal martedì al venerdì dalle 10.00 alle 18.00 (la biglietteria chiude alle 17.00); sabato, domenica e festivi dalle 10.00 alle 19.00 (la biglietteria chiude alle 18.00). Lunedì chiuso (aperto lunedì di Pasqua, lunedì 24 aprile in quanto ponte e lunedì 1 maggio in quanto festivo). Aperto anche 25 aprile e 2 giugno in quanto festivi (orario 10-19).

Prices: Tickets: €12.00 also valid for permanent collections; €10.00 for groups of at least 15 people; €5.00 for schools


Information and group reservations: tel. +39 0521848327 / 848148 info@magnanirocca.it On Saturdays at 4.30pm and on Sundays and holidays at 11.30am, 4pm, 5pm, visit to the exhibition with a specialized guide; cost € 17,00 (admission and guide).

Anthological exhibition curated by Giorgina Bertolino, Daniela Ferrari, Stefano Roffi

The exhibition, scheduled from 18 March to 2 July 2023, retraces the entire arc of Felice Casorati’s painting (Novara, 1883 – Turin, 1963), inscribing his journey within the history of twentieth-century art. It reconstructs the artist’s itinerary, from his debut years to maturity, with over sixty works – many absolute masterpieces – from public institutions and private collections. The Magnani-Rocca Foundation of Mamiano di Traversetolo (Parma) thus continues its study of the protagonists of Italian painting of the last century.

Music is the key to Felice Casorati’s works in Luigi Magnani’s Villa dei Capolavori, the “house of life” of the cultured collector, art historian, musicologist, composer, writer. Casorati ideally enters the physical and mental space of what Magnani himself defined as «my imaginary museum», i.e. a set of works seen and loved, and others acquired and owned: works that «inhabit my mind like my house», «all objects of equal love and worthy of the most devout contemplation».

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