Enrico Robusti. Highly proteic painting SUSPENDED

Place:Labirinto della Masone


every day except on Tuesday: until october 31 from 10.30am to 7pm, from November 1 to January 17 from 9.30am to 6pm



The entrance is include in the labyrinth ticket (full price € 18,00, concessions on the website www.labirintodifrancomariaricci.it), that includes the access to the bamboo labyrinth and the permanent collection of Franco Maria Ricci.



The exhibition, strongly wanted by Franco Maria Ricci, who knows and aprecciates the artist, is composed by a selection of thirty works, among which are four unpublished and painted especially for this event. These paintings, all oil on canvas and mostrly large sized,  represent a window on the modern society, of which they depict scenes and views through a whirling and unreal perspective.

Three main themes are on display, food, couples and free time and they trace, with their intense brushstrokes, a grotesque portrait of our world, Western and Italian, and at the same time realistic and oniric. But if the deformed proportions and the stressed expressions recall a nightmare, situations and characters can be easily be placed in our houses, in our living rooms or in restaurants. Robusti paints with a curios eye, ironic and sharp, that is visible event in the titles of the works, but it’s judgefree because it’s conscious to be part of the world portrayed.