Mercante and surroundings. Meetings between virtual and reality

Place:The webinar are online (free and in Italian) on the website

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Foto_ d'archivio_abito in perle e seta_courtesy Mercanteinfiera


Promoted by Fiere di Parma, the programm is realized with virtual webinar the review of meetings is a “virtual” initiative through which space and voice will be given to a plurality of subjects from the “real” world who will contribute to enriching the debate around all those disciplines that find their natural home at Mercanteinfiera: from design to the history of costume, from fashion to bijoux passing through antiques. Entrepreneurs, experts in individual sectors, collectors and journalists will speak at the online meetings.

la rassegna di incontri è un’ iniziativa “virtuale” attraverso la quale si darà spazio e voce a una pluralità di soggetti del mondo “reale” che contribuiranno ad arricchire il dibattito intorno a tutte quelle discipline che a Mercanteinfiera trovano la loro sede naturale: dal design alla storia del costume, dalla moda al bijoux passando per l’antiquariato. Agli incontri on line prenderanno la parola imprenditori, esperti dei singoli settori, collezionisti e giornalisti.


Tuesday March 16 , at 5pm
Made in Italy. between history and perspective of the glamour

Tuesday March 30, at 5pm
Brilliant illusion. Two virtual steps in the American bijoux

April, (date to be defined)
Digital Art and Antique: risultes and perspectives post Covid

April,  (date to be defined)
D as Design. The alphabet of a style revolutioned the style

The webinar are online (free and in Italian) on the website