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CONTEMPORANEA. Masterpieces from the Parma collections
From 20 April to 21 July 2024, Palazzo del Governatore
Dinner of the Thousand 2024
On the night of September 10, Piazza Garibaldi will be transformed into an open-air gourmet restaurant for a thousand people.


Welcome to Parma!

Parma is located along the ancient Via Emilia, between Milan and Bologna, crossed since the Roman times by merchants and travellers from near and faraway. Not a simple road but a geographic and mental itinerary which unravels among the crops of the Bassa padana and the valleys of the Apennines, where ideas and different sensibilities got together to create the basics of a civilization made of hospitality, food and land.

Discover Parma

The province of Parma, from the Po to the Apennines, offers many cultural cues. Numerous castles dot the territory, from the fortresses of the plain, to those of the hill up to the fortresses perched on the mountains, veritable treasures of history and art. Localized in various corners of the province are also the Food Museums, in the places where our specialties are produced, the museums reveal their secrets and tell their story. The museums of rural civilization, the places where Guareschi lived and those of Maestro Giuseppe Verdi, are also waiting for you. Read more
The province of Parma has a naturalistic territory that goes from the river landscape on the banks of the Po, to the gentle hills covered with vineyards, to the beautiful mountains of the Apennines. A path to be discovered slowly, perhaps walking on the Via Francigena or visiting one of the many parks, oases and reserves. Like the Parco dei Cento Laghi, in the upper Val Parma and Cedra, between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, it amazes with its many lakes and splendid woods, the Boschi di Carrega Regional Park, in Sala Baganza, the wildlife oasis of Monte Fuso, the Taro regional river park and the WWF Oasis of the Ghirardi above the Taro valley. Read more
The province of Parma is quite vast and diversified so it needs to be discovered slowly, the ideal would be walking, and what better way can you travel in the territory if not the Via Francigena? A fascinating journey along the pilgrims' road, from Fidenza, a stopping point, to the Apennines, passing through churches and hills. Even with other means of transport, the territory is revealed through the places of gastronomy, churches, castles and nature. Read more
The Parma area is rich in thermal waters with precious healing properties: the ancients already knew the therapeutic virtues of these places and were staying there in search of their own physical well-being. The Monticelli Spa, Salsomaggiore, Tabiano and S. Andrea Bagni, a few kilometers away from the city, they are the ideal place to rediscover your form, immersed in an oasis of peace and tranquility, surrounded by the gentle hills of Emilia. In the thermal area of ​​the province of Parma it is possible to take care of yourself, without forgetting the pleasure of food and music , of nature and art. Read more
Our territory offers many possibilities for sports lovers thanks to good facilities but also to the conformation of the territory that allows you to practice different disciplines. Swimming pools and gyms are well distributed throughout the territory, such as golf courses and routes that can be tackled by bicycle. Climbing the hills, where the view becomes more and more evocative, there are many paths and trails where you can run, hike or ride a mountain bike. Read more


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